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Fake and Authentic Duffy ShellieMay Tsum Tsum

Posted by Mini Toys Palace on

How to tell the differences between authentic and fake Duffy and ShellieMay Tsum Tsum

  1. If there's any string loop and / or ball chain attached on the back of the tsum tsum, this is definitely fake.  All authentic tsum tsum DOES NOT have any string loop or ball chain attached.
  2. Up to this moment, Duffy and ShellieMay Tsum Tsum can only buy from Hong Kong Disneyland, there's no other Disney or Disney Store in the world where you can buy from.  Therefore only those Duffy and ShellieMay which carrying Hong Kong version paper tag and fabric tag are authentic Duffy and ShellieMay tsum tsum.
  3. For authentic Duffy and ShellieMay, the paper tag attached to the body directly.  For fake one, the paper tag attached to the fabric 'tsum tsum' tag.

  4. There are two kinds of authentic paper tag, one of the size is 5.2cm x 6.3cm, another size is 4.5cm x 4.5cm.  Both of them are three-fold label
  5. Inside authentic paper tag, you can find English, French and some Chinese when you open it.
  6. For fake paper tag, since it's copy from Japan Disney's paper tag, so there's only Japanese written on it, and the paper tag is a two-fold label

  7. The authentic fabric tag which attached on the body of the tsum tsum DOES NOT have 'Tsum Tsum' written on it, only a round logo with authentic - original - Disney Parks printed.  On one side, it's all English and on the other side, it's all Chinese.
  8. The price of the Tsum Tsum in Hong Kong are the most expensive between all Disney in the world, so you should be aware for those cheap offerings.